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What I am intererested in , as an artist , are the left-overs of ordinary human creations -industrially processed objects or not  – collective experiences either social or cultural -which are so present or even overpresent in our modern consumer societies and this leads me to question the status of the forgotten , discarded , annihilated object.


Therefore ,I keep from cartons ,advertising posters their shapes or even their texture .When I make a collage I can resort to the objects as such ,thus they avoid being thrown away in the garbage can.

My own works can also be reused partly or as a whole in other creations of mine .


My approach is the same with my digitally-made works which are created with the same principles and are based on photographies taken by me in the past and /or presently.


Using them in a process of subjective reinterpretations or rewriting is an attempt to 'save 'them,to remove social or cultural references from them by integrating them in new makings,new 'narratives' .It is an attempt to give them a second life, a new place, a new history.


To paint,create,is therefore similar to the work of a crafstman, who builds by using the opportunities given by either specialised tools or any other object which own ,by essence , the technical potentialities of feature,edge,flattening or even the skills of a computermouse.


I have no preconceived vision. What is at stake is to elaborate a work of art from the raw,original shape and transform it thanks to the suggestions,proposals,that the work in progress provides in a game of necessary interdependencies .I can't deny the part played by chance ….but an objective kind of chance .


Abstraction is to me an ideal language to create ,to open up a space which can induce an active relationship between the work of art and its spectators .A sensory experience which is not  imposed upon but multiple.


What motivates me ,through this approach ,is to offer fragmentation when the norm is the rule .

Yet,a meaningful fragmentation where the eye can recreate a new form of visual narrative. I mean to provide diversions and detours so as to invent an itinerary which weaves a new perception .This is an never-ending 'obsessive' research of a type of alchemy of plans ,designs,shapes and colours , of a everlasting momentum which tries to ignore the expected laws of gravity.These are rigourous constructions but whose journey is nourished by chance and these makings unfold in an unequivocal balance yet fragile and even uncertain.


Invitations to a dialogue ,individual voyages which transform themselves and henceforth transform our relationship to the world ,to ourselves and ….to art .

Suzanne Blanchet                                         Traduction: 

Mars 2015                                                       Août 2016

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